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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

IT set free with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of Chrome OS for IT to secure, orchestrate and power the cloud workforce. Advance security to keep corporate data safe, ensure flexible access to resources regardless of use case, and simplify orchestration of Chrome devices and other critical infrastructure.

Advanced security

● Lost and stolen protections: Stop data theft by remotely disabling devices that have been lost or stolen.
● Persistent enrollment: Ensure devices are enrolled in management, even if the device is factory reset.
● Application verified access: Allow third party applications to understand the
managed state of a device as a requirement to provide a service.
● Ephemeral mode: Ensure user data is wiped from the device upon session log out

Flexible access

● Native AD integration: Provide end users with a familiar login experience that integrates directly with existing Active Directory infrastructure. (1)
● Advanced SAML SSO: Enable end users to seamlessly log into their device and applications with SAML SSO integration.
● Login controls: Block end users from logging into corporate Chromebooks with unauthorized accounts.
● Managed guest sessions: Enable shared, identity-free use cases
● Kiosk mode: Set up Chrome devices for single app use cases

Simplified orchestration

● Third party UEM: Set policies and remotely orchestrate your devices with industry-leading UEM providers. (2)
● Google Admin console: Quickly orchestrate Chrome devices, printers, networks and more with the Google Admin console.
● Device policies: Admins can enable and disable device policies, or keep the policies set to preset defaults with confidence.
● Client certificates: Manage and provision user and device certificates for authentication of internal web resources.
● Printers: Deploy and configure printers for use in your organization.
● Networks and proxies: Configure Wifi and VPN networks for use with Chromebooks in your fleet.
● OS versions: Pin your Chromebook to a previous OS version and prevent updates to new versions.
● Device reporting: Pull reports regarding your Chrome Enterprise fleet, including 7-day active metrics, release channel, OS version, and more. (help center article for reference)

24/7 IT admin support

● OS Support: Support via phone, email, and other methods available directly from Google for IT admins

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(1) Use of this feature requires you to have an agreement for Active Directory

(2) Use of this feature requires you to have an agreement with an UEM provider